Peeling back the layers: First phylogenomic insights into the Ledebouriinae (Scilloideae, Asparagaceae)

Cody Howard, Andrew Crowl, Timothy Harvey & Nico Cellinese
The Ledebouriinae (Scilloideae, Asparagaceae) are a widespread group of bulbous geophytes found predominantly throughout seasonal climates in sub-Saharan Africa, with a handful of taxa in Madagascar, the Middle East, India, and Sri Lanka. Phylogenetic relationships within the groups have been historically difficult to elucidate. Here, we provide the first phylogenomic perspective into the Ledebouriinae. Using the Angiosperms353 targeted enrichment probe set, we consistently recovered four major clades (i.e., two Ledebouria clades, Drimiopsis, and Resnova). The...
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