OPT data from: An evolutionarily conserved cis-regulatory element of Nkx3.2 contributes to early jaw joint morphology in zebrafish

Jake Leyhr, Laura Waldmann, Beata Filipek-Górniok, Hanqing Zhang, Amin Allalou & Tatjana Haitina
The acquisition of movable jaws was a major event during vertebrate evolution. The role of NK3 homeobox 2 (Nkx3.2) transcription factor in patterning the primary jaw joint of gnathostomes (jawed vertebrates) is well known, however knowledge about its regulatory mechanism is lacking. In this study, we report a proximal enhancer element of Nkx3.2 that is deeply conserved in gnathostomes but undetectable in the jawless hagfish. This enhancer is active in the developing jaw joint region...
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