Data from: Galega orientalis is more diverse than Galega officinalis in Caucasus – whole-genome AFLP analysis and phylogenetics of symbiosis-related genes

Janina Österman, Elena P. Chizhevskaja, Evgeny E. Andronov, David P. Fewer, Zewdu Terefework, Marina L. Roumiantseva, Olga P. Onichtchouk, Aneta Dresler-Nurmi, Boris V. Simarov, Nikolay I. Dzyubenko & Kristina Lindstrom
Legume plants can obtain combined nitrogen for their growth in an efficient way through symbiosis with specific bacteria. The symbiosis between Rhizobium galegae and its host plant Galega is an interesting case where the plant species G. orientalis and G. officinalis form effective, nitrogen fixing, symbioses only with the appropriate rhizobial counterpart, R. galegae bv. orientalis and R. galegae bv. officinalis respectively. There is plenty of information available on the symbiotic properties of nitrogen fixing...
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