Abiotic and biotic drivers of tree trait effects on soil microbial biomass and soil carbon concentration

Rémy Beugnon, Wensheng Bu, Helge Bruelheide, Andréa Davrinche, Jianqing Du, Sylvia Haider, Matthias Kunz, Goddert Von Oheimb, Maria Perles-Garcia, Mariem Saadani, Thomas Scholten, Steffen Seitz, Bala Singavarapu, Stefan Trogisch, Yanfen Wang, Tesfaye Wubet, Kai Xue, Bo Yang, Simone Cesarz & Nico Eisenhauer
Forests are critical ecosystems to understand the global carbon budget, due to their carbon sequestration potential in both above- and belowground compartments, especially in species-rich forests. Soil carbon sequestration is strongly linked to soil microbial communities, and this link is mediated by the tree community, likely due to modifications of micro-environmental conditions (i.e., biotic conditions, soil properties, and microclimate). We studied soil carbon concentration and the soil microbial biomass of 180 local neighborhoods along a...
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