Endothelial and leukocyte-derived microvesicles and cardiovascular risk after stroke: PROSCIS-B

Shufan Huo, Nicolle Kränkel, Alexander H. Nave, Pia Sophie Sperber, Jessica Rohmann, Sophie K. Piper, Peter Heuschmann, Ulf Landmesser, Matthias Endres, Bob Siegerink & Thomas G. Liman
Objective: To determine the role of circulating endothelial microvesicles (EMV) and microvesicles (MV) of other origins on long-term cardiovascular outcomes after stroke, we measured them in a cohort of first-ever stroke patients and observed them for three years. Methods: In the PROSpective Cohort with Incident Stroke Berlin (PROSCIS-B), patients with first-ever ischemic stroke were followed for three years. The primary combined endpoint consisted of recurrent stroke, myocardial infarction, and all-cause mortality. Levels of EMV, leukocyte-derived...
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