Short-term temporal variation of coastal marine eDNA

Mads Reinholdt Jensen, Eva Egelyng Sigsgaard, Marcelo De Paula Ávila, Sune Agersnap, William Brenner-Larsen, Mita Eva Sengupta, Yingchun Xing, Marcus Anders Krag, Steen Wilhelm Knudsen, Henrik Carl, Peter Rask Møller & Philip Francis Thomsen
Temporal variation in eDNA signals is increasingly explored for understanding community ecology in aquatic habitats. Seasonal changes have been addressed using eDNA sampling, but very little is known regarding short-term temporal variation that spans hours to days. To address this, we filtered marine water samples from a single coastal site in Denmark every hour for 32 h. We used metabarcoding to target both fish and broader eukaryote diversity and evaluated temporal changes in this marine...
1 citation reported since publication in 2022.
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