Data from: Energy and physiological tolerance explain multi-trophic soil diversity in temperate mountains

Irene Calderon Sanou, Lucie Zinger, Mickael Hedde, Camille Martinez-Almoyna, Amelie Saillard, Julien Renaud, Ludovic Gielly, Norine Khedim, Clement Lionnet, Marc Ohlmann, Tamara Münkemüller & Wilfried Thuiller
Aim – Although soil biodiversity is extremely rich and spatially variable, both in terms of species and trophic groups, we still know little about its main drivers. Here, we contrast four long-standing hypotheses to explain the spatial variation of soil multi-trophic diversity: energy, physiological tolerance, habitat heterogeneity, and resource heterogeneity. Location – French Alps Methods – We built on a large-scale observatory across the French Alps (Orchamp) made of seventeen elevational gradients (~90 plots) ranging...
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