Data from: Effective specialist or jack of all trades? Experimental evolution of a crop pest in fluctuating and stable environments

Lechosław Kuczyński, Anna Skoracka, Alicja Laska, Jacek Radwan, Mateusz Konczal, Kamila Karpicka-Ignatowska, Anna Przychodzka, Jarosław Raubic, Mariusz Lewandowski & Ewa Puchalska
Understanding pest evolution in agricultural systems is crucial for developing effective and innovative pest control strategies. Types of cultivation, such as crop monocultures versus polycultures or crop rotation, may act as a selective pressure on pests’ capability to exploit the host’s resources. In this study, we examined the herbivorous mite Aceria tosichella (commonly known as wheat curl mite), a widespread wheat pest, to understand how fluctuating versus stable environments influence its niche breadth and ability...
1 citation reported since publication in 2022.
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