Data from: Metamorphism as the cause of bone alteration in the Jarrow assemblage (Langsettian, Pennsylvanian) of Ireland

Aodhán Ó Gogáin, Gary O'Sullivan, Thomas Clements, Brendan Hoare, John Murray & Patrick Wyse Jackson
The Jarrow assemblage is a Lagerstätte of Pennsylvanian tetrapods and fish preserved in the Leinster Coalfield, Ireland. Fossils from this site have an interesting taphonomy that is not observed in other Pennsylvanian coal swamp assemblages. The bone material of the Jarrow tetrapods has undergone alteration and eventual coalification – causing specimens to become poorly defined from the surrounding coal matrix. Bone alteration at Jarrow has traditionally been linked to early diagenesis. Here a multi-analytical approach,...
1 citation reported since publication in 2022.
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