Ecological and evolutionary drivers of geographic variation in songs of a Neotropical suboscine bird: The Drab-breasted Bamboo Tyrant (Hemitriccus diops, Rhynchocyclidae)

Adriana Carolina Acero-Murcia, Fábio Raposo Do Amaral, Fábio Barros, Tiago Ribeiro, Cristina Miyaki & Marcos Maldonado-Coelho
Understanding the evolutionary and ecological mechanisms that shape the spatial divergence of signals involved in reproductive isolation is a central goal in studies of speciation. For birds with innate songs, such as the suboscine passerine birds, the integration and comparison of both genetic and ecological factors in explaining song variation at the microevolutionary scale is rare. Here we evaluated the evolutionary and ecological processes underlying the variation in the songs of the Atlantic Forest endemic...
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