Core genome phylogenetic tree of two Campylobacter novaezeelandiae and four unclassified thermophilic Campylobacter isolates from Canadian agricultural surface water

Mirena Ivanova, Bonnie Oh, Izhar Khan, Kendra Nightingale, Marie Bugarel, Amanda Brown & Guy Loneragan
This dataset includes 1) concatenated alignment of 135 core gene sequences and 2) phylogenomic tree of the 38 currently described Campylobacter spp., including Campylobacter novaezeelandiae and four additional novel Campylobacter species isolated from agricultural water in Canada. The original alignment of 120 kb was produced by Roary v.3.13.0. Gblocks v.0.91b was used to remove ambiguous alignments and phylogenetically uninformative positions. The final alignment (110 kb) was used as input to RAxML-NG v.0.9.0 to infer a...
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