Plastid introgression and evolution of African miombo woodlands: new insights from the plastome-based phylogeny of Brachystegia trees

Arthur Boom, Jérémy Migliore, Esra Kaymak, Pierre Meerts & Olivier Hardy
Aim: Miombo woodlands form a characteristic vegetation type covering 2.7 million km2 in southern and eastern Africa. Despite their wide geographical extent, their origin, floristic and spatial evolution through time remain understudied. To fill this gap, we studied the evolution of Brachystegia trees, one of the most representative genera of these woodlands (20 species), also represented in Guineo-Congolian rain forests (8 species). Location: Tropical Africa, Guineo-Congolian forests and Zambezian savannahs. Methods: We used a genome...
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