Foraging behaviour data for sympatric Ateles geoffroyi, Alouatta palliata, and Cebus imitator

Carrie Veilleux, Amanda Melin, Chihiro Hiramatsu, Karem Sánchez‐Solano, Shasta Webb, Rachel Williamson, Megan Mah, Evin Murillo-Chacon, Colleen Schaffner, Laura Hernández‐Salazar, Filippo Aureli & Shoji Kawamura
Senses form the interface between animals and environments, and their form and function provide a window into the ecology of past and present species. However, research on the senses used during foraging (e.g. smell, vision, touch, taste) by wild terrestrial frugivores is sparse. Here, we combine 26,094 fruit foraging sequences recorded from three wild, sympatric primates (Cebus imitator, Ateles geoffroyi, Alouatta palliata) with data on within- and between-species variation in colour vision, olfaction, taste, and...
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