Food webs for three burn severities after wildfire in the Eldorado National Forest, California

John McLaughlin, John Schroeder, Angela White, Kate Culhane, Haley Mirts, Gina Tarbill, Laura Sire, Matt Page, Elijah Baker, Max Moritz, Justin Brasheres, Hillary Young & Rahel Sollmann
We provide data on ecological community responses to wildfire, collected three years post-fire, across three burn conditions (unburned, moderate severity and high severity) in the Eldorado National Forest, California. The data were collected with 19 sampling methods deployed across 27 sites (nine in each burn condition) used to estimate richness, body size, abundance and biomass density for 849 species (including 107 primary producers, 634 invertebrates, 94 vertebrates). The sampling methods are detailed in a companion...
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