Frontal tau pathology underlies behavioural/dysexecutive presentations of Alzheimer’s disease

Joseph Therriault, Tharick Pascoal, Melissa Savard, Andrea Benedet, Mira Chamoun, Cecile Tissot, Firoza Lussier, Min Su Kang, Emilie Thomas, Tatsuhiro Terada, Soham Rej, Gassan Massarweh, Ziad Nasreddine, Paolo Vitali, Jean-Paul Soucy, Paramita Saha-Chaudhuri, Serge Gauthier & Pedro Rosa-Neto
Objective: To determine the associations between amyloid-PET, tau-PET and atrophy with the behavioural/dysexecutive presentation of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and how these differ from amnestic AD. Background: The behavioural/dysexecutive variant of AD is a rare clinical syndrome presenting with behavioural changes, apathy and/or executive dysfunction, similar to frontotemporal dementia. Small autopsy studies provide conflicting reports of frontal pathology and recent studies challenge the notion of frontal involvement in this condition. We tested the hypothesis that patterns...
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