Genomic shifts, phenotypic clines and fitness costs associated with cold-tolerance in the Asian tiger mosquito

Stéphanie Sherpa, Jordan Tutagata, Thierry Gaude, Frédéric Laporte, Shinji Kasai, Intan Ishak, Xiang Guo, Jiyeong Shin, Sébastien Boyer, Sébastien Marcombe, Theeraphap Chareonviriyaphap, Jean-Philippe David, Xiao-Guang Chen, Xiaohong Zhou & Laurence Després
Climatic variation is a key driver of genetic differentiation and phenotypic traits evolution, and local adaptation to temperature is expected in widespread species. We investigated phenotypic and genomic changes in the native range of the Asian tiger mosquito, Aedes albopictus. We first refine the phylogeographic structure based on genome-wide regions (1,901 double-digest restriction-site associated DNA single nucleotide polymophisms [ddRAD SNPs]) from 41 populations. We then explore the patterns of cold adaptation using phenotypic traits measured...
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