Wild herbivores enhance resistance to invasion by exotic cacti in an African savanna

Harry Wells, Ramiro Crego, Jesse Alston, S. Kimani Ndung'u, Leo Khasoha, Courtney Reed, Abdikadir Hassan, Samson Kurukura, Jackson Ekadeli, Mathew Namoni, Peter Stewart, Duncan Kimuyu, Amelia Wolf, Truman Young, Tyler Kartzinel, Todd Palmer, Jacob Goheen & Robert Pringle
1. Whether wild herbivores confer biotic resistance to invasion by exotic plants remains a key question in ecology. There is evidence that wild herbivores can impede invasion by exotic plants, but it is unclear whether and how this generalises across ecosystems with varying wild herbivore diversity and functional groups of plants, particularly over long-term (decadal) time frames. 2. Using data from three long-term (13- to 26-year) exclosure experiments in central Kenya, we tested the effects...
1 citation reported since publication in 2022.
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