Recent reconfiguration of an ancient developmental gene regulatory network in Heliocidaris Sea Urchins

Phillip Davidson, Haobing Guo, Abdull Massri, Jane Swart, Allison Edgar, Haobing Guo, Hannah Devens, Alejandro Berrio, Lingyu Wang, Demian Koop, Paula Cisternas, He Zhang, Yaloei Zhang, Maria Byrne, Guangyi Fan & Gregory Wray
Changes in developmental gene regulatory networks (dGRNs) underlie much of the diversity of life, but the evolutionary mechanisms that operate on interactions with these networks remain poorly understood. Closely related species with extreme phenotypic divergence provide a valuable window into the genetic and molecular basis for changes in dGRNs and their relationship to adaptive changes in organismal traits. Here we analyze genomes, epigenomes, and transcriptomes during early development in two sea urchin species in the...
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