Data from: Shifts in growth light optima among diatom species support their succession during the spring bloom in the Arctic

Dany Croteau, Thomas Lacour, Nicolas Schiffrine, Philippe-Israël Morin, Marie-Hélène Forget, Flavienne Bruyant, Joannie Ferland, Augustin Lafond, Douglas Campbell, Jean-Éric Tremblay, Marcel Babin & Johann Lavaud
Diatoms of the Arctic Ocean annually experience extreme changes of light environment linked to photoperiodic cycles and seasonal variations of the snow and sea-ice cover extent and thickness which attenuate light penetration in the water column. Arctic diatom communities exploit this complex seasonal dynamic through a well-documented species succession during spring, beginning in sea-ice and culminating in massive phytoplankton blooms underneath sea-ice and in the marginal ice zone. The pattern of diatom taxa sequentially dominating...
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