A large scale temporal and spatial eDNA biodiversity survey of offshore marine vertebrates in Brazil following the upriver Fundão tailings dam failure

Rose Lines, Manjeeti Juggernauth, Georgia Peverley, Tiffany Simpson, Mahsa Mousavi-Derazmahalleh, Michael Bunce, Tina Berry, James Keating, Alice Taysom & Phillip Whittle
Seawater contains a wealth of genetic information, which represents the biodiversity of numerous species residing within a particular marine habitat. eDNA metabarcoding offers a cost effective, non-destructive method for large scale monitoring of environments, as diverse taxonomic groups are easily detected using metabarcoding assays. Monitoring marine environments along a coastline and over a number of seasons can reveal changes in these environments and provide information for management decisions following an impact event. Following the Fundão...
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