Data from: Influences of summer warming and nutrient availability on Salix glauca L. growth in Greenland along an ice to sea gradient

Angela Luisa Prendin, Signe Normand, Marco Carrer, Nanna Bjerregaard Pedersen, Henning Matthiesen, Andreas Westergaard-Nielsen, Bo Elbering, Urs Albert Treier & Jørgen Hollesen
The combined effects of climate change and nutrient availability on Arctic vegetation growth are poorly understood. Archaeological sites in the Arctic could represent unique nutrient hotspots for studying the long-term effect of nutrient enrichment. In this study, we analysed a time-series of ring widths of Salix glauca L. collected at nine archaeological sites and in their natural surroundings along a climate gradient in the Nuuk fjord region, Southwest Greenland, stretching from the edge of the...
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