Animal-borne video systems provide insight into the reproductive behavior of the Asian black bear

Tomoko Naganuma, Mii Tanaka, Shiori Tezuka, Sam M.J.G. Steyaert, Kahoko Tochigi, Akino Inagaki, Hiroaki Myojo, Koji Yamazaki & Shinsuke Koike
Previous studies on the mating system of the Asian black bear (Ursus thibetanus) have been limited to observations of captive populations and estimations of multiple paternities. Hence, the mating system of wild bears remains poorly understood. Animal-borne camera systems (i.e., cameras mounted on animals) provide novel tools to study the behavior of elusive animals. Here, we used an animal-borne video system to record the activities of wild bears during the mating season. Video camera collars...
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