Data From: Getting cited early: influence of visibility strategies, structure, and focal system on early citation rates

Emily R. Gelzer, Michel P. Laforge, Justine A. Becker, Nathaniel P. Hough, Mallory Sandoval Lambert, Marie-Pier Poulin, Rebecca Thomas-Kuzilik, Tana L. Verzuh & Jerod A. Merkle
Elucidating factors that contribute to citation rates of scientific articles can help scientists write manuscripts that have a stronger influence on their scientific field and wildlife management, and are accessible to a broad audience. Using a cohort of 778 articles published in The Journal of Wildlife Management from 2011–2015, we examined how visibility strategies (e.g., open access, increasing the Atlmetric Attention Score, self-citations), article structure, and focal system – all factors authors can predominantly control...
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