Janzen-Connell effects partially supported in reef-building corals: adult presence interacts with settler density to limit establishment

Carrie Sims, Eugenia Sampayo, Margaret Mayfield, Timothy Staples, Nataly Gutierrez-Isaza, Steven Dalton & John Pandolfi
The Janzen-Connell hypothesis predicts increased survival of early life stages with decreasing conspecific density and increased distance from conspecific adults. Evidence of Janzen-Connell effects in maintaining diversity is common in plant communities, but its importance in sessile marine invertebrates communities remains unclear. Under controlled aquarium conditions, we examined the effect of density-dependence and adult conspecific water treatments (absent/present) on propagule settlement success and settler post-settlement survival, along with associated spatial patterns, for six broadcast-spawning, reef-building...
1 citation reported since publication in 2021.
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