Spatial autocorrelation shapes liana distribution better than topography and host tree properties in a subtropical evergreen broadleaved forest in SW China

Bai Xiao-Long, Liu Qi, Mohandass Dharmalingam, Cao Min, Wen Han-Dong, Chen Ya-Jun, Gupta Sunil Kumar, Lin Lu-Xiang & Zhang Jiao-Lin
Lianas are an important component of subtropical forests, but the mechanisms underlying their spatial distribution patterns have received relatively little attention. Here, we selected 12 most abundant liana species, constituting up to 96.9% of the total liana stems, in a 20-ha plot in a subtropical evergreen broadleaved forest at 2,472 – 2,628 m elevation in SW China. Combining data on topography (convexity, slope, aspect, and elevation) and host trees (density and size) of the plot,...
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