Flexible diets enable pollinators to cope with changes in plant community composition

Teresa Morán López, Gita Benadi, Carlos Lara-Romero, Natalia Chacoff, Agustín Vitali, David Pescador, Silvia B Lomáscolo, Javier Morente-López, Diego P. Vázquez & Juan Manuel Morales
Switching plant species visited by pollinators (partner flexibility), has been proposed as a behavioural mechanism able to attenuate the negative impacts of shifts in plant communities on pollination. However, it is unclear if the magnitude of such response is generalizable or depends on the environmental context. Moreover, the ability of pollinators to exploit plants with dissimilar traits (trait flexibility) has been overlooked, even though it can affect the spectrum of new partners available. To shed...
5 citations reported since publication in 2022.
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