Phylogenomic analyses of the East Asian endemic Abelia (Caprifoliaceae) shed insights into the temporal and spatial diversification history with widespread hybridization

Qing-Hui Sun, Diego F. Morales-Briones, Hong-Xin Wang, Jacob Landis, Jun Wen & Hua-Feng Wang
• Background and Aims Abelia (Caprifoliaceae) is a small genus with five species, including one man-made hybrid and several natural hybrids. The genus has a discontinuous distribution in Mainland China, the Taiwan Island, and the Ryukyu Islands, providing a model system to explore mechanisms of species dispersal in the East Asian flora. However, the current phylogenetic relationships within Abelia remain uncertain. • Methods In this study, we reconstructed the phylogenetic relationships within Abelia using nuclear...
1 citation reported since publication in 2021.
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