Phylogenomic analyses of 2,786 genes in 158 lineages support a root of the eukaryotic tree of life between opisthokonts and all other lineages

Mario Cerón-Romero, Laura Katz, Miguel Fonseca, Leonardo De Oliveira Martins & David Posada
Advances in phylogenetic methods and high-throughput sequencing have allowed the reconstruction of deep phylogenetic relationships in the evolutionary history of eukaryotes. Yet, the root of the eukaryotic tree of life remains elusive. The most ‘popular’ (i.e. in textbooks and reviews) hypothesis for the root is between Unikonta (Opisthokonta + Amoebozoa) and Bikonta (all other eukaryotes), which emerged from analyses of a single gene fusion and a limited sampling of eukaryotic lineages. Subsequent highly-cited studies based...
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