Diatoms and plants sedimentary ancient DNA from Lake Satagay (Central Yakutia, Siberia) covering the last 10,800 years

Izabella Baisheva, Luidmila Pestryakova, Ramesh Glückler, Ulrike Herzschuh & Kathleen R. Stoof-Leichsenring
Our dataset consists of two metabarcoding datasets (1) targeting diatoms (rbcL) and (2) targeting plant taxa (trnL P6 loop) retrieved from sedimentary ancient DNA (sedaDNA) of Lake Satagay, Central Yakutia, Siberia (N 63.07816°, E 117.99806°). SedaDNA data for diatoms comprises 65 samples (sequencing run number APMG-32), whereas 61 samples were analyzed for plants (sequencing run number APMG-33). We used sedaDNA of diatoms (APMG-32) and plants (data from APMG-33 restricted to aquatic plants) to reconstruct aquatic...
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