Data from: Does pH matter for ecosystem multifunctionality? An empirical test in a semi-arid grassland on the Loess Plateau

Yanan Wei, Jing Xin, Fanglong Su, Zhen Li, Fuwei Wang & Hui Guo
Date of data collection: 2016-2018 Geographic location of data collection: Guyuan, Ningxia, China (106°23′E, 36°15′N) These data were generated to (i) investigate the responses of soil properties, biological communities and multifunctionality to decreased soil pH; (ii) determine the potential biotic and abiotic pathways that soil pH may drive multifunctionality. In 2016, a 17 m × 40 m semi-arid grassland plot with an initial pH value of 8.05 and uniform vegetation was selected. The experiment was...
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