Response to immune checkpoint blockade improved in pre-clinical model of breast cancer after bariatric surgery

Laura Sipe, Mehdi Chaib, Emily Korba, Mary Lovely, Heejoon Jo, Brittany Counts, Ubaid Tanveer, Jared Clements, Neena John, Deidre Daria, Tony Marion, Radhika Sekhri, Ajeeth Pingili, Bin Teng, James Carson, D Hayes, Matthew Davis, Joseph Pierre & Liza Makowski
Bariatric surgery is becoming more prevalent as a sustainable weight loss approach, with vertical sleeve gastrectomy (VSG) being the first line of surgical intervention. We and others have shown that obesity exacerbates tumor growth while diet-induced weight loss impairs obesity-driven progression. It remains unknown how bariatric surgery-induced weight loss impacts cancer progression or alters responses to therapy. Using a pre-clinical model of diet induced obesity followed by VSG or diet-induced weight loss, breast cancer progression...
2 citations reported since publication in 2022.
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