Divergent contributions of living roots to turnover of different soil organic carbon pools and their links to plant traits

Junsheng Huang, Weixing Liu, Shengnan Pan, Zhe Wang, Zhou Jia, Zhenhua Wang, Meifeng Deng, Lu Yang, Chao Liu, Pengfei Chang & Lingli Liu
1. Rhizodeposits and root litter contribute critically to soil organic carbon (SOC) formation and decomposition. This root-induced SOC turnover shows great interspecific variations. Bulk SOC consists of diverse functional pools differing in formation and stabilization. Yet, it remains unclear which plant traits regulate the effects of living roots on the turnover of different SOC pools across species. 2. By performing 13CO2 continuous labelling of six grassland species for a growing season in a climate-controlled chamber,...
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