Natural variation further increases resilience of sorghum bred for chronically drought-prone environments

Hongxu Dong, Techale Birhan, Nezif Abajebel, Misganu Wakjira, Tesfaye Mitiku, Cornelia Lemke, Vincent Vadez, Andrew H Paterson & Kassahun Bantte
Moisture stress is one of the major constraints for crop production in African Sahel. Here, we explore the potential to use natural genetic variation to build on the inherent drought tolerance of an elite sorghum cultivar (Teshale) bred for Ethiopian conditions including chronic drought, evaluating a backcross nested-association mapping population using 12 diverse founder lines crossed with Teshale under three drought-prone environments in Ethiopia. All twelve populations averaged higher head exsertion and lower leaf senescence...
1 citation reported since publication in 2021.
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