Data from: Geographic and climatic constraints on bioregionalization of European ants

Runxi Wang, Jamie Kass, Christophe Galkowski, Fede Garcia, Matthew Hamer, Alexander Radchenko, Sebastian Salata, Enrico Schifani, Zalimkhan Yusupov, Evan Economo & Benoit Guénard
Aim: Biogeographic regionalization is scant for most insect groups due to shortfalls in distribution and phylogenetic information, namely the Wallacean and Darwinian shortfalls respectively. Here, we focused on the European ants and compared new techniques to classical analyses based on regional lists and taxonomic methods. We asked the following: 1) Can grid-based regionalizations using novel distribution data improve biogeographic transitions? and 2) Can phylogenetic approaches reveal new insights regarding ant evolutionary history? Location: Europe and...
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