Data from: Long-term cattle grazing shifts the ecological state of forest soils

Willem Proesmans, Chris Andrews, Alan Gray, Rob Griffiths, Aidan Keith, Uffe N. Nielsen, Dave Spurgeon, Richard Pywell, Bridget Emmett & Adam J. Vanbergen
Cattle grazing profoundly affects abiotic and biotic characteristics of ecosystems. While most research has been performed on grasslands, the effect of large managed ungulates on forest ecosystems has largely been neglected. Compared to a baseline semi-natural state, we investigated how long-term cattle grazing of birch forest patches affected the abiotic state and the ecological community (microbes and invertebrates) of the soil subsystem. Grazing strongly modified the soil abiotic environment by increasing phosphorus content, pH and...
1 citation reported since publication in 2022.
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