Data from: Nitrogen availability and plant-plant interactions drive leaf silicon concentration in wheat genotypes

Félix De Tombeur, Taïna Lemoine, Cyrille Violle, Hélène Fréville, Sarah Thorne, Sue Hartley, Hans Lambers & Florian Fort
Estimating plasticity of leaf silicon (Si) in response to abiotic and biotic factors underpins our comprehension of plant defences and stress resistance in natural and agroecosystems. However, how nitrogen (N) addition and intraspecific plant-plant interactions affect Si accumulation remains unclear. We grew 19 durum wheat genotypes (Triticum turgidum ssp. durum) in pots, either alone, or in intra- or intergenotypic cultures of two individuals, and with or without N. Aboveground biomass, plant height and leaf [Si]...
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