Data from: A camera trap based assessment of climate-driven phenotypic plasticity of seasonal moulting in an endangered carnivore

Lucie Laporte-Devylder, Kristine R. Ulvund, Lars Rød-Eriksen, Ola Olsson, Øystein Flagstad, Arild Landa, Nina E. Eide & Craig R. Jackson
For many species, the ability to rapidly adapt to changes in seasonality is essential for long-term survival. In the Arctic, seasonal moulting is a key life history event that provides year-round camouflage and thermal protection. However, increased seasonal variability can lead to phenological mismatch. In this study, we investigated whether winter-white (white morph) and winter-brown (blue morph) Arctic foxes (Vulpes lagopus) could adjust their winter-to-summer moult to match local environmental conditions. We used camera trap...
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