Results of survey for selected parasites in Alaska brown bears (Ursus arctos)

Ellen Haynes, Sarah Coker, Michael Yabsley, Kevin Niedrighaus, Andrew Ramey, Guilherme Verocai, Grant Hilderbrand, Kyle Joly, David Gustine, Buck Mangipane, William Leacock, Anthony Crupi & Christopher Cleveland
To assess the prevalence of endo- and ectoparasites in Alaska brown bears (Ursus arctos), blood and fecal samples were collected during 2013 – 2016 from five locations: Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve (GAAR), Katmai National Park (KATM), Lake Clark National Park and Preserve (LACL), Yakutat Forelands (YAK), and Kodiak Island (KOD). Standard fecal centrifugal-flotation was used to screen for gastrointestinal parasites, molecular techniques were used to test blood for the presence of...
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