Host suitability and fitness-related parameters in Coptera haywardi ([Hymenoptera]: [Diapriidae]) reared on irradiated Ceratitis capitata ([Diptera]: [Tehritidae]) pupae stemming from the genetic sexing Vienna-8 strain with a temperature-sensitive lethal mutation

Segundo R. Núñez-Campero, Suarez Lorena, Buonocore Biancheri María Josefina, Cancino Jorge, Murúa Fernando, Molina Diego, Laría Osvaldo, Aluja Martín & Ovruski Sergio M.
Coptera haywardi (Ogloblin) is a pupal endoparasitoid of tephritid flies with great potential as a biological control agent worldwide as it does not attack other Diptera. To reach its full potential, its mass rearing needs to be enhanced lowering costs. Here, we focused on the use of irradiated pupae of Ceratitis capitata (Wiedemann) stemming from the temperature-sensitive lethal (tsl) Vienna-8 genetic sexing strain (= CcVienna-8), which is mass-produced in the San Juan Medfly and Parasitoid...
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