Lophozia svalbardensis (Lophoziaceae) in continental North America, Greenland and Siberia, its identity, variation, and differentiation

Alexey Potemkin & Anna Vilnet
Lophozia excisa var. succulenta (≡ Lophoziopsis excisa var. succulenta) is a synonym of Lophozia svalbardensis. This conclusion is based on morphological investigation and a subsequent molecular-genetic study which revealed an absence of variability amon nucleotide sequences of ITS1-2 nrDNA and trnL-F cpDNA in specimens from Arctic Alaska, west Siberian Arctic and Svalbard. Lophozia svalbardensis is reported for the first time for continental North America, Greenland and Siberia based on revised data on the distribution of...
1 citation reported since publication in 2021.
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