Data from: Species Delimitation of Endemic Atlantic Forest Inga subnuda (Leguminosae, Caesalpinioideae, mimosoid clade) Subspecies Based on Morphological, Ecological and Palaeoecological Data

Michael Aejandro Castro-Bonilla, Pedro S. R. Romano, Marcelo Bueno, Valquíria Dutra, Jeferson Fregonezi & Flavia Garcia
Inga subnuda Salzm. ex Benth. are one of 31 endemic species in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest. Intermixed leaf and floral traits have made morphological distinctiveness difficult, and its current taxonomic treatment considers I. subnuda as one species with two subspecies. We aim to explore different lines of evidence to disentangle and clarify species boundaries in these two subspecies. Morphological variation and bioclimatic data of the two subspecies of the complex were assessed by using multivariate...
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