Impacts of a high fat diet on the metabolic profile and the phenotype of atrial myocardium in mice

Nadine Suffee, Elodie Baptista, Jérome Piquereau, Maharajah Ponnaiah, Nicolas Doisne, Farid Ichou, Marie Lhomme, Camille Pichard, Vicent Galand, Nathalie Mougenot, Gilles Dilanian, Laurence Lucats, Elise Balse, Mathias Mericskay, Wilfried Le Goeff & Stéphane N Hatem
Aims: Obesity, diabetes and metabolic syndromes are risk factors of atrial fibrillation (AF). We tested the hypothesis that metabolic disorders have a direct impact on the atria favoring the formation of the substrate of AF. Methods & Results: Untargeted metabolomic and lipidomic analysis was used to investigate the consequences of a prolonged high fat diet (HFD) on mouse atria. Atrial properties were characterized by measuring mitochondria respiration in saponin-permeabilized trabeculae, by recording action potential with...
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