Functional trait variation of Anemone nemorosa along macro‐ and microclimatic gradients close to the northern range edge

Leen Depauw, Ri Hu, Khumanand S. Dhungana, Sanne Govaert, Camille Meeussen, Pieter Vangansbeke, Richard Strimbeck, Bente J. Graae & Pieter De Frenne
Climate warming is affecting ecosystems worldwide, and slow-colonizing forest under- storey species are particularly vulnerable if they are unable to track climate change. However, species’ responses to climatic conditions in terms of growth, reproduction and colonization capacity may vary with the distance to their distribution range edge. Anemone nemorosa is known to be a slow colonizing forest herb dependent on forest cover in the southern and central part of its distribution range, whereas at its...
1 citation reported since publication in 2022.
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