Genetic response to human‐induced habitat changes in the marine environment: A century of evolution of European sprat in Landvikvannet, Norway

María Quintela, Cecilie Kvamme, Dorte Bekkevold, Richard D. M. Nash, Eeva Jansson, Geir Dahle, Kevin A. Glover, Àlex Richter‐Boix, Florian Berg & François Besnier
Habitat changes represent one of the five most pervasive threats to biodiversity. However, anthropogenic activities also have the capacity to create novel niche spaces to which species respond differently. In 1880, one such habitat alterations occurred in Landvikvannet, a freshwater lake on the Norwegian coast of Skagerrak, which became brackish after being artificially connected to the sea. This lake is now home to the European sprat, a pelagic marine fish that managed to develop a...
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