Data from: Disentangling direct from indirect effects of habitat disturbance on multiple components of biodiversity

Nina Isabell Schwensow, Alexander Christoph Heni, Julian Schmid, B. Karina Montero, Stefan Dominik Brändel, Tanja Katharina Halczok, Gerd Mayer, Gloria Fackelmann, Kerstin Wilhelm, Dominik Werner Schmid & Simone Sommer
Human habitat disturbance affects both species diversity and intraspecific genetic diversity, leading to correlations between these two components of biodiversity (termed species - genetic diversity correlation, SGDC). However, whether SGDC predictions extend to host-associated communities, such as the intestinal parasite and gut microbial diversity, remains largely unexplored. Additionally, the role of dominant generalist species is often neglected despite their importance in shaping the environment experienced by other members of the ecological community, and their role...
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