Improving Preseason Forecasts of Sockeye Salmon Runs through Salmon Smolt Monitoring in Kenai River, Alaska: 2005 - 2007

Mark Willette & Robert DeCino
This project estimated the age, size, and stable isotope composition of Kenai River sockeye salmon smolts and estimated their abundance using mark-recapture and acoustic methods in 2005-2007. Mark-recapture estimates of sockeye salmon smolt abundance were 31,297,118 (95% CI:23,528,024-39,066,212) in 2005, 9,279,385 (95% CI: 5,937,420-12,621,349) in 2006, and 9,767,167 (95% CI: 6,898,759-12,635,576) in 2007. Acoustic estimates (day and night) of sockeye salmon smolt abundance were 54,702,090 (95% CI: 53,554,507-55,849,673) in 2005, 15,088,517 (95% CI: 14,548.445-15,628,589) in...
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