Dissolved organic carbon, total petroleum hydrocarbons and and toxicity assay results for Bemidji, MN (2018)

Barbara A Bekins, Jennifer M. Illig, Isabelle M Cozzarelli, Jennifer C Brennan, Donald E Tillitt & Dalma Martinovi-Weigelt
In crude-oil-contaminant plumes the dissolved organic carbon (DOC) is mainly hydrocarbon degradation intermediates only partly quantified by the diesel range total petroleum hydrocarbon (TPHd) method. To understand potential biological effects of degradation intermediates we tested three fractions of DOC: (1) solid phase extract (HLB); (2) dichloromethane (DCM-total) extract used in TPHd; and (3) DCM extract with hydrocarbons isolated by silica gel cleanup (DCM-SGC). Bioactivity of extracts from five wells spanning a range of DOC was...
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