Advances Gained During ANAPUR Project for Inorganic Trace Measurements in Syngas from Steam Gasification of Woody Biomass

F. Defoort, S. Thiery, P. Castelli, A. Puech, B. Grangier, S. Ravel, J. Guillaudeau, C. Verne-Tournon, O. Guerrini & A. Louvat
The project ANAPUR (2007 -2009) aims at improving and simplifying gas sampling and quantification methods for a large range of tars and inorganic compounds regarding the detection threshold and 2nd operating limits from industrial systems in the steam gasification of biomass for SNG or generation fuel production. Some developments were necessary with model gas to adapt on-line FTIR and off-line NH3 washing bottle train to measure ppmV levels in a gas from steam gasification process....
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