New Plastic Materials Starting from Renewable Resources - Synthesis and Properties.

L. Crépy, N. Joly, P. Martin, A. Marin & V. Miri
A series of cellulose esters (CEs) were obtained by grafting aliphatic acid chlorides (carbon chain length ranging from 8C to 18C) onto cellulose backbone, in a homogeneous lithium chloride/N,N­dimethylacetamide (LiCl/DMAc) medium. These CEs were characterized by FT­IR and 1H­NMR spectroscopies and were converted into films by casting. Then, they were submitted to thermal, mechanical, thermomechanical and structural analysis, using Differencial Scanning Calorimetry (DSC), uniaxial tensile tests, Dynamic Mechanical Thermal Analysis (DMTA) and X­Ray diffraction, respectively....
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