Emissions from Bioenergy: Improved Accounting Options and New Policy Needs

D.N. Bird, A. Cowie, D. Frieden, L. Gustavsson, N. Pena, K. Pingoud, S. Rueter, R. Sathre, S. Soimakallio, A. Tuerk, S. Woess-Gallasch & G. Zanchi
A recent paper by Searchinger [1] highlighted that Annex-I nations do not count CO2 emissions due to combustion of biomass in their commitments. This is because it is assumed that emissions from use of biomass are accounted for in the land use sector, where they should appear as reductions in carbon stocks. However, if the biomass comes from a non-Annex I country, these reductions are not counted within the Kyoto Protocol. Indeed, even Annex I...
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